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A wonderful meeting with Mr LK Advani

As always, it was wonderful to meet Mr LK Advani, the tallest leader of the ruling party BJP, along with my remarkable high school toppers and team members. Mr Advani was delighted to meet with the students and congratulated them for their exceptional achievements. His continued support over the past many years is as humbling as it is inspiring.

Whilst Asha’s high school toppers shared their journey so far, Mr Advani encouraged them with instances from his own life. He told the students about his early years, his hardships, and spoke freely about some of his challenges. He had wonderful words of encouragement for each student, and wished them well for the future. He offered them his best hospitality as well. “You have made yourselves proud, your families proud, Asha proud, and our entire nation proud. You are a wonderful example for our country,” he said admiring the students’ achievements.

The students we thrilled at such a great opportunity!

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A meeting with the Canadian First Lady

On Tuesday, I had the honour and privilege of welcoming one of the most inspiring people I have come across in public life, Her Excellency Mrs Sharon Johnston, First Lady of Canada to an Asha slum colony.

Sharon Jhonston_1

Sharon Jhonston_2

Amongst much warmth and joy we had an amazing interaction with college students and women from Asha communities. She listened with rapt attention as each one of them went on to describe how they have overcome the significant obstacles of poverty to succeed in life.

Sharon Jhonston_3

In step with the Asha values of gratitude and compassion, she stressed on the importance of giving back to the community while addressing the students. “Whenever you take one step up in life, always remember to take someone with you,” she said.

Here’s a link to her video interview after the visit:

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