The Sacramento Chapter of friends of Asha welcomes Dr. Kiran and Mr. Martin

Hi everyone, we had a wonderful evening yesterday at the home of Drs Praveen and Nalini Prasad in Sacramento. The Sacramento Chapter of FOA was founded by Nalini (Dermatologist) with the support of her husband Praveen (Neurosurgeon). They have been welcoming me with open hearts and hands for the past many years, and have spread the message of Asha’s vision and work far and wide in the area. Their good friend Manmohan Passi has also taken a great deal of initiative in organizing virtual events on Zoom all through the pandemic. Long-term Friends of Asha in Sacramento took the time to come to the Prasads’ home for dinner and hear all about Asha’s Covid related efforts. It was such a joy to meet them all. I felt uplifted, my spirits raised.

Nalini and Praveen Prasad, the Founders of FOA Sacramento Chapter

Manmohan Passi, one of the leaders of the Sacramento Chapter, and Board Member of Asha USA

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