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Asha frontline health workers receive their vaccination

Dr Kiran- “Covishield vaccine begins for Asha frontline health workers today.”

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Asha Graduate Jubair shares his journey with Asha

Hello folks, this is the video of Asha Graduate Jubair speaking in his own words. It’s such a powerful story, accompanied by pictures of him when he was young, and of him with many of you on this group, particularly in the UK. Look out for your pictures with Jubair!

Watching the miracle of the way his life gets transformed is wonderful. He is one of my earliest mentees. Perhaps he gives me more praise than I deserve. His own hard work and attributes are primarily responsible.

His heartfelt promise of standing with my vision to propel it forward till the last day of his life is moving to hear.

He symbolizes what the power of education can achieve: empowerment, connections across the world, flourishing and productivity, justice, citizenship, a strong character, and much more.

Please feel free to spread it around.

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Asha distributes blankets to the elderly in the slums

Hello everyone, many thanks to all who have donated to Asha’s Care of the Elderly program coming up to Christmas. The elderly who are poor and abandoned in Asha communities need assistance at so many levels.

They find it difficult to maintain their body temperature in the cold weather, particularly because they live in poorly protected shelter. They already have a slow metabolism and muscle loss with age, which makes it hard for them to bear the cold. I have seen the elderly die of heart attacks because the cold air from the roof and sides of the poorly insulated shanty comes in and constricts their blood vessels, increasing their blood pressure. I have also seen them die of hypothermia. They can suffer from many other diseases due to a poor immune system.

We were able to provide soft warm blankets to all the elderly under our care, and they were delighted.

The Asha volunteers visit them everyday to make sure they are doing well. They receive groceries from Asha and all their health needs are taken care of as much as is possible at the Asha Community Clinic.


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Asha student Mohini: Her personal story of struggles and victory while defying the odds

This is the story of 19 year old Mohini who lives in Asha’s Tigri slum community. Her father is a day labourer and mother is a housemaid. Their combined income is about 150 US dollars a month.

Mohini became a member of the Asha family at the age of 9, by joining the Children’s group where she learned and blossomed in a safe and loving environment, away from an abusive environment where she was harassed and teased.

Through her hard work and with Asha’s guidance and mentoring, Mohini did exceptionally well in her school leaving exams, and secured a seat to study a Bachelors in Home Science at the prestigious Institute of Home Economics at Delhi University.

In early 2020, Mohini had a terrible accident, falling from her makeshift roof at her shanty, and she injured her back bone. She had to go through spinal surgery and took months to recover.

To make things worse, she was diagnosed with Covid and became very ill. The Asha family at Tigri took loving care of her in every way possible.

Mohini had wonderful experiences at an internship at the Australian High Commission through Asha in the summer of 2019. She says she became more expressive and confident than ever, and was delighted to learn many soft skills.

She is now in her final year of her Bachelors in Science, and is looking forward to her future with great hope and excitement. She would like to do her Masters next, and is held up as a role model for other young girls in her community.

‘If I had not been a member of the Asha family, I would have been married after high school and possibly have had children.’ says Mohini

Mohini is an excellent Asha Ambassador and continues to inspire and give hope to young students in her community and beyond. Get your passport made, Mohini! Who knows what the future holds for you.

Donate for the cause of Asha:

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Asha CHV Prema from Mayapuri

Hello friends, here is a video of the story of Asha Community Health Volunteer Prema. Asha has trained hundreds of such women from their respective slum communities over the past 33 years.

As a result of the comprehensive nature of Asha’s 3 tiered health care program, a few health stats for 2019/2020 are as follows:

Antenatal Care Coverage: 100%

Institutional Deliveries or Deliveries by Trained Midwives: 100%

Babies born with normal birth weight: 91%

Babies breast fed within 6 hours of birth: 100%

Vaccination coverage for children under 5: 98%

Maternal Mortality: 0

Infant Mortality Rate: 13( India as a whole-56)

Under five Mortality Rate: 13 ( India as a whole-37)

( Statistical Tool used: Median)

(Mortality Figures for India as a whole are under reported by the Government of India)

These women are the real heroes of health care in our slums!

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Asha student Amritesh shares his extraordinary story

This is a video of a remarkable story of a young man called Amritesh. Amritesh was a stutterer as a child, and experienced a great deal of trauma through his school years. He experienced helplessness, fear, and shame. He was constantly bullied at school, and resorted to avoidance.

Many stutterers do not get a good education, are not successfully employed, and have a substantially reduced quality of life.’

Not Amritesh! Here’s his story in his own words:

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