Asha Corona Warriors honoured with certificates for their hard work and dedication

Hello folks, as you might know, the Asha Corona Warriors have been working tirelessly with compassion and kindness for the slum communities under Asha’s care ever since the lockdown began. The team is made up of doctors, nurses, paramedics, social workers, volunteers, drivers, maids, admin and finance staff, and the communications team members.

To express our appreciation and gratitude to these wonderful people, we have given certificates to each warrior. Your support and thanks too will mean the world to them! Send the team a message at, and we will be sure to get it to them.

You can help protect them by raising funds/making donations towards USD 10,000/ GBP 7,700/ AUD 14,000 for much needed protective gear and essential medical equipment. You can create crowdfunding campaigns in different platforms such as GoFundMe, JustGiving Crowdfunding, My cause etc, to reach our goal.

Thank you so much for all you have done, and want to, for standing with our team of Asha Corona Warriors. Your generosity will assist in aiding the Asha team with their work on the field and provide them with safety, encouragement and support to continue working with dedication.

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