True success lies in the community coming together and showing love

In the midst of all the distress and discouragement during this pandemic, I have been impressing upon the Asha family to constantly create a force field of love. A tone of love. An aura of love. Why? Because long term negative emotional states destroy our health and are soul stultifying. On the other hand, love brings warmth, compassion, and emotional depth. It casts out negative emotions, which need to be driven away because they don’t leave on their own.

A force field of love protects us from fear, because love is stronger than fear. Love helps people not to be disheartened and lose faith. Love enables us to return from adversity and setbacks with renewed energy.

When the roots of our beings are watered with love, it gives us manifold strengths, and creates miracles in the midst of common tasks.

It is within the sphere of love that we live best. Where there is love, there is life.

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