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Practising Joy this Easter

The word I am reflecting on these days is ‘Joy’, specially as we draw close to the wonderful festival of Easter that symbolises Fullness of Joy and Abundant Life in Christ. The word ‘Abundant’ in Greek is ‘perisson’, meaning exceeding, very highly, beyond measure, a quantity so abundant as to be considerably more than what one would expect or anticipate. What a wonderful picture of life in its fullness, and what a contrast to a life filled with emptiness and dissatisfaction!

But how do I experience Joy when a slum lord forces his way into an Asha centre, has a party on the rooftop, and gets drunk? How do I experience Joy when a student whom I love and give my all to, betrays me? What happens to Joy when trusted and loyal partners of many years let me down?

In my experience, Joy is not a temporary feeling of pleasure or happiness. Rather, Joy is a sense of constant wellbeing, a continuous journey of flourishing. I experience Joy when I live in harmony with my spiritual laws. When my thoughts, feelings, and actions are honourable. When I have a quiet and peaceful conscience. When I consistently live my life in accordance with my highest sense of right.

True joy has made me more resilient, and helped me to transcend the hardest of situations with an inner serenity.

May we all engage with our lives in ways that inspire us and give us true Joy. With my very best wishes for a Happy Easter.

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