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New Year wishes, 2017

What joy it gives me to have the opportunity to once again bring you my warm greetings for a Happy New Year!

2017 will be for us at Asha a year filled with exciting possibilities. The Asha Ambassadors in the slum communities whose lives have been transformed through their educational opportunities, are now ready to reach out to young people from slums all over the city! They have already begun visiting so many slums with the good news that the lives of the young people there are going to change forever. Slums where this news has never been heard or received, slums where the hope of a better life has never been experienced. The Ambassadors are also visiting the neighbouring local public schools to look for bright children living in poverty, with the goal of inspiring them to dream big and work hard to transform their circumstances.

The word that I am going to lay hold of as we enter 2017 is ‘Inspiration’. It comes from the Latin ‘inspirare’ meaning ‘to breathe into’. What a wonderful word! It is a beautiful contagion that passes through individuals. Bringing about a new way of seeing. Raising the sense of possibility in others. Motivating others to be brave enough to take steps towards something truly great. It is like a burst of energy, like the wind blowing through the window of the mind and the spirit, that then take flight.

My desire for 2017 is that my team and I are a source of inspiration for these young people. May they believe that the beauty and goodness within them can awaken them to greater and nobler possibilities. May a power greater than them burst forth deep in their unconscious, bringing about a new way of seeing and believing.

Let us all lay hold of this word in the New Year, remembering that those who are open to inspiration are more likely to experience it. Let us recognise its sheer power and potency to bring about a revolution in our lives.

My older daughter was named ‘Prerna’ which in Hindi means ‘ Inspiration’, and it is to her that I dedicate this reflection.

My team and I will need your support more than ever as we launch out into the deep in the New Year. It is with gratitude and good wishes that I end my blog.

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