On Non-Judgementalism

Dear friends,

In this letter, I wish to express my views on non-judgementalism. It is one of Asha’s key values and informs all the areas of our work. While it is in human nature to be judgemental, it is mostly never useful. Our judgement can be based on someone’s looks or actions, without knowing the person. We might see something they do, and get angry or disappointed. This approach will create divisions rather than build bridges. Instead, we can try to understand the person, imagining their background, and finding out their backstory, their motivations, the lens with which they view the world. Perhaps there were circumstances that might have led to the person acting or looking like they do. They might have different needs, different dreams.

Dr Martin in DAB  23 Sept 2011 008

Once we begin to understand the person, we can accept them for who they are. With acceptance comes the ability to love the person. As we begin to feel what they are going through, we create opportunities for transformation of the person as well as of ourselves. We begin to build bridges with old or young, light skinned or dark, tall or short, male or female, rich or poor. We see the commonalities between us, despite our differences.

We will then notice that people will treat us better. There will be a growing satisfaction in ourselves, a belief in ourselves, and a trust in ourselves. We will be much happier, those around us will be much happier, and the community we live in will be a much better place.

The practice of this approach by the Asha family over the years has demonstrated that it is powerful, transformative and life changing for all, finding warmth, goodwill, and friendship in the most unlikely of places.

With my very best wishes.

Kiran Martin

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